Cadoles et Sens, foodie outings in Pierres Dorées


Take a trip organised by the Cadoles et Sens Association into the startling green countryside of the Beaujolais vines gently caressed by the sun in Pierres Dorées country.

Every year for two days in Spring, organised foodie and picnic walks take you around three villages in Pierre Dorées country, otherwise known as French Tuscany.

This unusual experience takes in vines, landscapes and heritage sites. Whether you’re a food and wine lover or simple pleasure seeker there is a self-paced walk to suit everyone.

The foodie walks offer a trip round the vines with original gourmet menus in pop-up restaurants.

The picnic walks offer you the ultimate taste of freedom. Collect your picnic basket full of goodies at the start that you eat when and where you choose: on a bench, in the middle of the vines or in the shade of a cadole hut.

To make your walk even more interesting, the Association offers a selection of around fifteen different local wines per municipality. It includes a great range of whites, rosés and reds that will bring you closer to the land.


Cadoles, heritage sites in the Beaujolais winegrowing area

During the day as you wander happily around the Beaujolais region, you're bound to notice the dry stone huts in amongst the vines.

They have stone or tiled roofs.

Back in the old days, the huts provided shelter where winegrowers could eat, storage space for large tools and somewhere to hide from storms.

Some of the huts are more elaborate and up to eight metres high and were used as temporary dwellings for winegrowers who lived too far away from their vines. Most of them date from the first half of the 19th century.


The Voyle and Berillon huts in Theizé are listed historic monuments, which shows just how important these local heritage sites are.

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The foodie walks organised by Cadoles et Sens are a delight for all the senses. They enable you to explore heritage sites while you discover tasty food and wine produced on an outstanding terroir!

In 2017, discover Cogny, Pommiers and Chessy-les-Mines On June 3rd and 4th.

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